Panorama of Swiss History – From the Helvetii to the Present


This permanent exhibition on Swiss history is divided into three sections:

  • a chronology with dates, objects and images summarises the country’s history from its origins to the present day, tracing the development of human activity in the land we now know as Switzerland;
  • around thirty objects – some everyday, some precious – illustrate this Swiss history; they include “L’Helvétie en grisaille”, an extremely rare scenic wallpaper, one of the first computer mice and some original Swatch timepieces;
  • “Switzerland in a box”, featuring drawings by the great and sadly missed humorous illustrator Mix & Remix, takes a wry look at some of the myths and clichés that shape the popular image of Switzerland.


Linked to the school syllabus
Relevant subject: history
Ages: 12 to 14
Language: French

This pack includes a large selection of ideas and exercises for use on site and in class.

Blog posts

Michael Blatter

1. April 2019

The White Book of Sarnen

Once upon a time, there was a hero named Tell. He was born in an office in Central Switzerland. Tell is an instrument, always working on behalf of whomever is telling his story.


Nathalie Büsser

10. April 2019

Handsome men for ‘Frau Hauptmannin’

The history of Swiss foreign military service is a story of men – but they’re only half the story. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts and cousins all worked in the family-run mercenary soldiers business, invested their own money, were co-owners and had inheritance claims.


Andrej Abplanalp

26. June 2019

The First Peace of Kappel

490 years ago, on 26 June 1529, the First Peace of Kappel was agreed. Catholics and Protestants laid down their arms at the last minute and ate soup together. But the peace didn’t last long. Two years later, the parties were facing off against each other yet again.

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