Discovering the Enlightenment


Discovering the Enlightenment

Go for a walk on the Promenade "Discovering the Enlightenment" around the Castle of Prangins with your family, your friends or your loved ones!

This discovery trail is accessible at all times* and free of charge! About twenty silhouettes, representing characters who have a link with the Castle of Prangins - such as Voltaire, Madame de Staël, Joseph Bonaparte or an anonymous maid who fetches water from the fountain - invite you to stroll around.

This didactic and nicely bucolic tour shows in situ new aspects of the history of the place. The silhouettes punctuating the space highlight architectural or botanical details and underline perspectives. They take us on a life-size map, a map to walk through, to experience, to feel! Their form is inspired by the art of the silouette, which developed during the Enlightenment. Each silhouette carries information and anecdotes (in French, English, German) to learn about history while walking!

*2/3 of the route is accessible even when the museum is closed.


Amusing silhouettes!

For a family outing, children can also have fun with the "Amusing silhouettes!" booklet or continue the adventure at home - available at the museum reception (CHF 5.- / in English).